Il locale I piatti tipici Grapperia I vini Contatti
A touch of history:
Just a short distance from the Venice Santa Lucia railway station, a trattoria opened in 1950, where our grandfathers used to meet because of its strategic position and fresh products.
Its 20-metre outdoor terrace shows how Venice was built, as it is also built on pilework foundations with its tables as near as possible to the centre of the canal, giving the impression of being surrounded by the lagoon.
You cannot help but admire sunsets with the sun reflected in the most famous canal in the world while a passing gondola makes a unique wave on the water, creating a light effect that leaves you with an indelible memory.
Inside Trattoria “Povoledo” there is a room for banquets, special occasions or organized groups and one for those who, as well as efficient Italian service, are looking for a comfortable living room with a range of seating.
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